Here at Watercraft Watch we are not just concerned about whats on top of the water, but whats under it too!

From underwater fishing camera's, giving you a fishes unique perspective, to radio controlled bait boars, we approach fishing from all angles.

Join us as we explore the depth of this fascinating and sometimes frustrating topic.

Future posts will include:  Best fishing rods, tackle, lines and equipment,not to mention informational articles on technique and fishing styles.     

We have fishing covered.  

We not only provide great information on the latest products, but also on the best places to hone your craft. Watch this space as we include articles on fishing getaways, training and competitions that will ache you from whatever level you currently find yourself to one where no fish gets away.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we penetrate the deepest oceans, navigate the most traverses waters to bring you all you will need to embark on your new hobby, hone your current skills to make this past time even more enjoyable, or turn your hobby into a game changing sport. 

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