About WatercraftWatch.com

I grew up around water. Some of my earliest memories are of staying at our camp on a lake in the summer. If my sisters and I weren’t swimming in it we were splashing in rubber rafts, paddling around in a canoe, or riding with my parents in the motorboat.

We switched camps and lakes a few years later (there are a lot of them where I grew up), to a place that was only accessible by boat. The lake was one of a chain of lakes, which allowed greater boating opportunities, including a speedboat (with water skiing and tubing), and also sail boating. There is just something so relaxing about being on the water in the boat that I never wanted to be away from it.

I did spend a few years in another state, and there got my first taste of boating on the ocean. It’s a little different than what I was used to, but still pretty cool. But if I am honest, I really prefer boating where I can see the shore. Which is why I settled down back near where I grew up, where there are lots of lakes and a river just a stone’s throw from my house. Which means I can get out on the water any time I want.

That love for boating is what prompted me to start WatercraftWatch.com – helping people find the right equipment and supplies so they can enjoy some time on the water. I hope you find the posts here useful, and share in my love for boating. And if you have an interesting story or memory about being on the water in a boat, please share it.