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Best Spearguns – Hunt With The Best Tools

Best Spearguns

​If you are looking for the best speargun, not to worry - we have done the research for you. Our list is covers spearguns for both beginners and experienced alike..

For those who are new to speargun fishing, I advise you to first take a look at our Buyer’s Guide below. This should give you a better idea of what to look for in a speargun, while also helping you decide which gun would be best for your needs.

Top Picks: Spearguns

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Our List Of Best Speargun's

Best Spearguns

Hammerhead E2 Jurassic

The E2 Jurassic Speargun is a power pistol that offers experienced divers fast and brutal rapid-fire shots thanks to the single Power Helix™ Band (created with nylon coated Dyneema™ wishbones).

It reloads quickly and has almost zero recoil due to the internally ballasted barrel.

This also reduces noise and means that the E2 Jurassic is more accurate than most spearguns. With its enclosed muzzle and 17/61” Stainless Steel shaft, this power pistol is perfect for catching large game fish.

The Jurassic comes complete with a mono shooting line, loading pad, front-end bungee, & safety grip and is fully upgradeable.

It was designed to be compatible with all HammerHead speargun accessories such as the Remora™ Reel, a threaded shaft or you could even add a second Power Helix™ Band.

Fully equipped with a pistol grip, Stainless Steel side line release, Reverse Trigger Mechanism and a reel mount.

The Stainless Steel shaft and side line release, as well as the aluminium anodized barrel is designed to prevent corrosion that sea water often causes.

  • Type: single band
  • Length: 21″ – 29″ (53.34 cm - 73.7 cm)
  • Spear Style: Single Hawaiian Flopper
  • Rating: experienced
  • Best for: Large game fish

What we like

  • Internally ballasted barrel.
  • Power Helix Band for quicker reloads.
  • Fully upgradeable. Is compatible with all HammerHead accessories, allowing it to be upgraded and modified to your liking.

What we don't like

  • Band will break if not properly taken care of.

JBL New 65 Inch Elite Woody Magnum

The JBL Elite Woody Magnum Speargun is one of the best on the market for accuracy, speed and silence. It is a power pistol that is perfectly suited for experienced speargun fishers.

The 3 piece design, Stainless Steel M10 trigger mechanism offers reliable, smooth action and the mahogany barrel ensures easy maneuverability and incredible accuracy underwater.

The gun is handcrafted from high grade grooved mahogany, eliminating 80% of the firing noise that a metal gun would create.

Any experienced speargun user will know that noise elimination is incredibly important during speargun fishing.

You can easily shoot Tahitian-style with this speargun, or you could remove the flopper and instead add a break-away tip for large game fish.

The JBL Elite is designed for heavy penetration with its 17-4 heat treated Stainless Steel shaft and shark fin load tabs. The wooden speargun is compact and has a range of up to 28 feet, great for medium to large game fish.

It features an ergonomic handle and hexagon pattern to increase grip control and accuracy while under water.

The Elite is fully equipped with a Stainless Steel line anchor with reel eyelet, fully unlaid muzzle, universal accessory mount and side grooves for increased traction.

  • Type: 2 - 3 Bands
  • Length: 56” (142.3 cm)
  • Spear Style: Tahitian-style Spear Point w-Flopper Wing or with a break-away tip for large game fish
  • Rating: Experienced
  • Best for:  Medium to large game fish

What we like

  • Ergonomic 45° honeycomb handle.
  • M10 3 piece trigger mechanism.
  • Powered by 5/8″ Elite Nitro Bands with triple core Spectra wishbones (2 or 3 depending on model)

What we don't like

  • The shaft can be difficult to click in.


The Beuchat Espadon is a versatile speargun designed for beginners. The handle is mounted on a corrosion-resistant aluminium tube and the compact muzzle features circular power bands with a standard wire wishbone.

The shaft is made of galvanized steel with a screw-on single barb speartip. It features an Espadon pistol grip and enclosed muzzle.

The Beuchat Espadon comes complete and ready to use with a band, galvanized shaft with a single barb speartip and a nylon shooting line.

This entry-level speargun is also the best budget buy on our list. It is inexpensive, simplistic and easy to use, designed for small reef fish and low visibility.

  • Type: 1 - 2 bands
  • Length: 19.7” - 35.4” (50 cm - 90 cm)
  • Spear Style: Single barb
  • Rating: beginners/budget
  • Best for: Small reef fish/ low visibility

What we like

  • Enclosed muzzle.
  • Espadon pistol grip.
  • Incredibly affordable.

What we don't like

  • Not a power pistol and likely won’t survive too many uses.

AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun

AB Biller Mahogany Special is quiet, accurate and neutrally buoyant which is perfect for handling underwater.

It is one of the most versatile spearguns as it can be used in limited visibility or clear water, from small to large fish and even for those hiding in rocks and reefs.

For extra convenience, AB Biller guns usually come with threaded shafts so you can easily and instantly change tips as needed. You can easily change shafts to suit your needs: for speed, distance or power.

It has a range of about 25 feet with good aim, which makes this speargun suitable for experienced users.

The mahogany speargun has 3 coats of polyurethane, and features a double barb rockpoint, a hardened Stainless Steel shaft and 2 rubber slings.

The speargun is fully customizable, allowing you to modify it to your needs, no matter the situation.

  • Type: 2 - 3 bands
  • Length: 24” - 60” (60.9 cm - 152.4 cm)
  • Spear Style: Double Barb Rockpoint tip: hardened stainless steel
  • Rating: Experienced divers
  • Best for: Small to large fish, reef fishing, low visibility/clear waters

What we like

  • Fully customizable.
  • Threaded shafts which can be instantly changed to suit your needs.

What we don't like

  • Too slow when shooting the spear.

Mares Sten

The Mares Sten is a pneumatic speargun that is best suited to experienced users. It is a power pistol that offers users excellent precision and reliability underwater.

This latest Sten model uses a 2-piece head and 8 mm diameter shaft with a threaded tip, while also sharing additional features with the Sten 11.

The trigger is incredibly sensitive with a connecting piston place between it and the cog.

It features a rigid ergonomic handle for better grip in the water, a patented side line release and a patented safety catch.

It also has techno-polymer shock-absorber bushing and piston, a high capacity air tank, and uses Harmonic steel shafts (8 mm diameter/ 7 mm male thread).

Comes complete with loader, pump, shock line with rubber shock bungee, tip and shaft.

  • Type: Pneumatic
  • Length: 16.5” – 39.4” (42 cm - 100 cm)
  • Spear Style: Double barb tip
  • Rating: power pistol/reef and game fish/experienced
  • Best for: Reef fish, game fish

What we like

  • Rigid ergonomic handle for better grip in the water.
  • A patented side line release and a patented safety catch.
  • Techno-polymer shock-absorber bushing and piston

What we don't like

  • Can’t be used in open water.

Cressi Comanche

Comanche is one of Cressi’s more popular spearguns and with the excellent quality and features it is no surprise why.

The barrel is corrosion-resistant and made of high strength aluminium. The corrosion-resistant aluminium tubes ensure that the barrel won’t bend.

It's hand grip and muzzle are made of lightweight, high-tech modern thermoplastic which assures incredible maneuverability and accuracy underwater.

The muzzle is compact and hydrodynamic which allows for a second lower band to be added for increased power for shooting bigger fish.

The Comanche features a Stainless Steel notched shaft, parallel power bands and a metal articulated wishbone. The shaft release system is very gentle and the tension dampening Cressi Shock Cord offers less resistance on the line.

Comes complete with a ring for the line, support for reloading and dovetail triggering for the reel.

  • Type:1 - 2 Bands
  • Length: 60cm - 110cm (23.6” - 43.3”)
  • Spear Style: Single Flopper Barb Pointed Tip
  • Rating: Entry level/beginners/budget
  • Best for: Reef spearfishing

What we like

  • The hand grip and muzzle are made of lightweight, high-tech modern thermoplastic for maneuverability and accuracy underwater.
  • Cressi Shock Cord offers less resistance on the line.

What we don't like

  • Multiple complaints of the line snapping during use, while underwater.

Hammerhead Proteus

The Hammerhead Proteus is a compact and versatile speargun that has the capability of using different spearheads, depending on the situation.

Its compact size ensures easy maneuverability underwater, and also makes it great to take along on your travels.

The Proteus is well-suited to first-time users as it is easy to use with Metal-Coil bands (patent pending), an enclosed muzzle and a full-railed barrel.

The Metal-Coil wishbones are silent and won’t break, which makes them safer to use.

It's handle has a bottom clip where a float can be added if you want to use the Proteus as a secondary gun for larger fish.

Alternatively, when using the Proteus as a primary gun, the bottom clip can be used for a Hoop Stringer (bought separately) to secure your catch.

The Hammerhead Proteus has excellent accuracy and has simple, high quality components that are easy for beginners to use.

  • Type: single band
  • Length: 13.8 - 29.5 (35.1 cm - 74.9 cm)
  • Spear Style: Single Hawaiian Flopper style
  • Rating: Entry level/beginners/budget
  • Best for: Deep water and big fish

What we like

  • Simple and effective Trigger Safety Lock.
  • Metal-Coil Band.
  • Clip on the bottom of the handle for a float or Hoop Stringer.

What we don't like

  • It’s likely you’ll have to purchase extra accessories.

Beuchat Arka Competition Speargun

The Beuchat Arka is a lightweight speargun that is meant for shallow waters and reefs.

The speargun is efficient and powerful, with an automatic line release, shaft guides and a low profile muzzle with screw on bands.

It's handle is Prosoft with a Stainless Steel trigger system meant for long-term reliability and security.

The muzzle is enclosed and an articulated wishbone with screw-fixed power bands allows for greater accuracy when firing.

The Arka features an anodized aluminium barrel and a pistol grip handle with line release. The line is braided polyamide for easy spear retrieval and the Tahitian-style shaft is Stainless Steel with a single flopper barbed tip.

This is one of the more inexpensive spearguns, another reason it is great for beginners.

  • Type: Single band
  • Length: 19.7” - 39.4” (50 - 100 cm)
  • Spear Style: Tahitian Style Shaft Tip w/Single Floppy Barb
  • Rating: Budget/entry-level/beginners
  • Best for: Reef or shallow water fishing/ small fish

What we like

  • The automatic line release.
  • Prosoft handle with Stainless Steel trigger system.

What we don't like

  • Durability is in question.

Speargun's FAQ's

Best Speargun

Credit to: Mike Hawkins

What is the difference between a pneumatic speargun and a sling (band) speargun?

Pneumatic guns generally require more maintenance, are quite noisy and tend to lose power the deeper you go. It does have the advantage of more maneuverability than a sling gun, especially in shallow water.

Sling (band) guns on the other hand are divided into European Sling and Rail Sling. European Sling guns are designed for speed and are thus used for smaller, faster fish. The Rail Sling guns are designed for power, with thicker spears to hunt large game fish.

Experienced users generally prefer sling over pneumatic spearguns, as loud firing noises will scare away the other fish.

What type of speargun is best for large fish? Which is best for smaller fish?

Pneumatic spearguns are mainly used for large fish, although the loud noise while firing will end up scaring away the rest of the fish in the vicinity.

When it comes to sling guns, European style is designed for smaller, faster fish. It has speed, maneuverability and accuracy. These are usually great for shallow water and reefs, where visibility might be limited.

Rail sling guns and wooden sling guns are both designed for power and accuracy, and you will find that many wooden spearguns come with a rail. These power pistols are made for large game fish and open, clear water where additional distance is required for shooting.

Enclosed muzzle or open?

Pneumatic spearguns are mainly used for large fish, although the loud noise while firing will end up scaring away the rest of the fish in the vicinity.

When it comes to sling guns, European style is designed for smaller, faster fish. It has speed, maneuverability and accuracy. These are usually great for shallow water and reefs, where visibility might be limited.

Rail sling guns and wooden sling guns are both designed for power and accuracy, and you will find that many wooden spearguns come with a rail. These power pistols are made for large game fish and open, clear water where additional distance is required for shooting.

What are wooden spearguns?

Open muzzle: This is self-explanatory. The muzzle is open, with no tunnel to keep the spear in place. This means that the shooting line will need to be wrapped in a way that keeps the spear in place and tight to the rail. Open muzzles also allow the use of shark fin tabs on your shaft, which could make your shaft more sturdy.

Closed muzzle: This has a narrow tunnel for the spear to pass through, keeping the shaft in place but not tight to the rail unless you use the same wrapping technique that is used for an open muzzle.

The difference: Loading a closed muzzle consists of the back end of the shaft being inserted into the muzzle first, before being guided back into the trigger mechanism. However, loading an open muzzle tends to be easier as you won’t be required to insert the back of the shaft through the muzzle first. This would also make reloading an open muzzle easier than a closed muzzle.

Whether you choose an open or closed muzzle, the wrapping technique used to secure the shaft is important as it allows you to shoot sideways or upside down without trouble.

Buyer's Guide for Speargun's

When deciding on a speargun, there are various aspects to consider. First, you will need to decide on the type of speargun you need, and then you will need to make sure the features of said gun aligns with your needs.

Choosing the type of speargun

When deciding on a speargun, it is important for first time users to do ample research to determine which would best suit their needs.

Here is a quick break down:

Pneumatic spearguns are more popularly used by novices, as it offers greater maneuverability in shallow water and reefs. It is a great speargun for those just starting out and need to hone their skills. Unfortunately, it is louder than sling guns and thus scares other fish away. It also requires more maintenance.

Sling guns are either European or Rail guns. European sling guns are used in shallow water and reefs. They are designed for speed and maneuverability and used for smaller fish. Rail guns are power pistols that are used for open water and clear visibility. They have the power and accuracy needed for large fish.

Wooden rail guns are often the prefered choice by experienced users as they offer great power and accuracy in open water. 


Once you know which type of speargun you will need, be sure to look at their feature carefully before making a final decision.

Enclosed/open muzzle
Open muzzled spearguns are easier to load and reload, which is important while underwater. Alternatively, closed muzzle spearguns ensure that the shaft is secure in the tunnel that it was loaded into.

Keep in mind, with a closed muzzle gun you will not be able to fire sideways to upside down unless you wrap it the same way you would an open muzzle.

Reel mount
Most spearguns come equipped with a reel mount (although the reel is almost always sold separately), for convenience. If it does not have this feature, you may want to look into a different speargun, or enquire if one can be added on.

Recoil and noise
Be sure to check if the speargun has provisions for recoil, especially with wooden guns as they are heavier and have more recoil.

Noise is also a concern while spearfishing. If the firing noise is excessively loud, it will scare away the fish. Thus, noise dampening features are a must for successful spearfishing.

Ease and maneuverability, power and speed
Depending on your choice of hunting ground, there are certain factors that are important.

For shallow water or reef fishing, you will need speed, accuracy and maneuverability. The small fish in these waters are fast, and you need a speargun that will get the job done in these conditions.

Alternatively, deep, clear waters require a power pistol that also offers excellent accuracy and reach. You will be hunting medium to large fish and need a gun with enough reach and power to penetrate the fish, or you will risk losing your catch.

The ease of use of the gun is also important. A speargun needs to have an easy to grip, no-slip handle, and a lightweight, compact gun is generally better. This is obviously not possible with wooden spearguns which tend to be heavier by definition, but the extra power and accuracy makes up for that. Wooden guns also have handles designed specifically for easier movement in the water.

You want a speargun that is not too difficult to load/reload and that is reliable. What you definitely do not want is a difficult to handle gun, that ends up failing when you need it most. 

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